Unique Features of American Dream Ultra Performance Geothermal Heat Pump

Unique Features of American Dream Ultra Performance Geothermal Heat PumpAfter more than 30 years of research, AMERICAN DREAM Geothermal has engineered the most energy efficient, affordable, and innovative ground source heat pump, which is unrivaled in the market today.

The AMERICAN DREAM Ultra Performance Geothermal System offers many unique features making it one of a kind. The following features are all standard with the AMERICAN DREAM Ground Source Heat Pump. Let’s count the ways the American Dream Ultra Performance Geothermal system is unique:

1. Freon Copper Loop Field
2. Auto Loop Switching Technology
3. Automated Feed Loop Field Saturation System
4. Copeland Two Speed  Scroll Compressor
5. GE Variable Speed ECM DC Blower
6. AMERICAN DREAM Digital Thermostat/Humidistat
7. Domestic Hot Water Generation
8. Electrolysis Protection Device

The world’s most technologically advanced system made easy

Freon Copper

Copper is the second most highly conductive metal behind silver, making it an ideal earth loop material to conduct heat from the ground. Every cooling product in the market today uses freon filled copper to complete its task. Does it not make sense(Dollars and cents) to use this free source of energy to simply move and extend the copper coil refrigerant line into the ground to take advantage of the consistent temperature 6 feet below the surface. Using copper tubing rather than inexpensive plastic pipe makes sense because it is 400 times more conductive. See here..

The freon copper refrigerant line also greatly exceeds the performance of traditional water and air circulating systems.The colder a temperature is, the more heat will displace it to maintain a balance. R-410a Freon(refrigerant) being much colder than water will make for a much higher heat absorption rate, making our system that much more efficient.

  • Freon gas enters the compressor. The compression process heats the Freon, changing it into a high-pressure hot Freon gas.
  • The hot Freon gas is released into the first coil. The high pressure causes the gas to move along the expanse of the coil, which is buried in the ground. Over the course of this journey, the Freon gas begins to cool as the it travels through the ground. The newly-cooled Freon gas converts into cool liquid Freon.
  • The cool liquid Freon enters the expansion valve, where it is converted back into a cooled Freon gas and released into the second coil. The second coil is located on the inside of the building.The second coil(exchanger) is inside our AMERICAN DREAM Geothermal cabinet.
  • Air inside the building is moved by our GE Variable Speed DC Blower against the second coil, which contains the cooled Freon gas. The Freon gas absorbs the heat from the air, causing the air to cool and the Freon gas to start to heat up again. The newly-cooled air is released back inside the building.
  • The process repeats as the Freon gas enters the compressor once again.

By reading this simple explanation, anyone can see that burying(extending) the first copper coil in the ground, it obviously increases efficiency.

Automated Loop Switching Technology

One of the many innovative designs of the American Dream ultra performance ground source heat pump is the multiple loop switching technology. When the earth around the conductive freon filled copper tubing has gained enough heat to make the system operate at less than its optimum efficiency, the freon is transferred to a second loop, which allows the system to maintain its most optimum state of efficiency. Depending on the size system, the loop fields are one per ton of equipment capacity.

2 ton unit: 2 loops,
3 ton unit: 3 loops
4 ton unit: 4 loops
5 ton unit: 5 loops

When one loop has saturated the earth around it the automated switching technology will seamlessly move the freon to the next loop in a sequential order, thereby always maintaining optimal performance. Transfer occurs from Loop1 to Loop2, from Loop2 to Loop3 etc.,  giving the maximum amount of time for mother earth to regenerate itself. The longer a loop field lays dormant, the quicker it returns to it’s constant temperature. Our technology allows maximum benefit from the exchange occurring in the earth.

All other ground source heat pumps saturate the entire loop field at once. Minimizing the potential of conductivity once the earth has absorbed all that it can absorb. In funding research at Oak ridge National Laboratory, the scientists concluded that 90% of the conductivity or transfer of temperature occurs within 6 inches of the loop field. Conclusion, if a loop field is completely saturated with energy in either heating or cooling mode, at some point the earth will reach its maximum capacity to absorb this energy. By separating the loop fields(ground coil), our technology allows for maximum efficiency at all times.

Trenches are dug around 6 ft. deep so refrigerant(Freon) filled copper tubing can rest below the frost line at a constant temperature. The freon is constantly circulating through this copper tubing displacing as much heat as is around it, and sending the extracted heat back to the unit. When cooling, it works in reverse by removing the heat from the home and sending it into the earth where it was first harvested. But, do this long enough and the earth will have accumulated more heat than its constant temperature. This extra heat now surrounding the loop field gives the system much more work than it originally had to.

The loops are designed to relieve each other when one has become exhausted, this design maintains maximum efficiency. By isolating the loop fields, our efficiency is thereby increased by 50% its normal production rate.

A ground source heat pump can only be as efficient as the earth around it.

Automated Loop Field Saturation System

This a very unique and innovative solution in maximizing our system’s efficiency. The AMERICAN DREAM Saturation System will sense the temperature of the surrounding earth and once the temperature reaches a level where maximum efficiency is being compromised, the Saturation System alerts an automated valve to move water into the loop field. This regenerates the loop field returning it to its original constant temperature. A few gallons of water used randomly and sparingly will effectively allow maximum exchange efficiency through increased conductivity.

-Conductivity is the KEY to efficiency

Copeland Two Speed Scroll Compressor

The American Dream ultra performance system comes standard with a Copeland™ two speed scroll compressor. It operates at 67% or 100% to maximize efficiency by performing as much as it should, and not any more than it needs to(conserving energy use).

How Scroll Compressors Work
Visually see how it works here

The Copeland Scroll compressor has one scroll, or spiral, orbiting in a path defined by a matching fixed scroll. The fixed scroll is attached to the compressor body.

The orbiting scroll is coupled to the crankshaft and orbits, rather than rotates. The orbiting motion creates a series of gas pockets traveling between the two scrolls. On the outer portion of the scrolls, the pockets draw in gas, and then move into the center of the scroll, where the gas is discharged. As the gas moves into the increasingly smaller inner pockets, the temperature and pressure increase to the desired discharge pressure.

Better Liquid Handling
Axial and radial compliance allow the scroll members to separate in the presence of liquid refrigerant, thus, providing protection against liquid damage

Greater Efficiency
More efficient over their entire operating range

Improved Sound
Operate at lower sound and vibration levels than traditional compressors

Unmatched Reliability

  • 70% fewer moving parts
  • Ability to start under any system load, without start components
  • Easy to service and maintain due to their compact size and lightweight, simple design
  • Engineered for optimum performance with today’s chlorine-free refrigerants
  • No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliabilityCopeland Scroll compressors are designed for use with the chlorine-free, environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant to replace the use of R-22This innovative technology enables home air conditioning systems to operate at an energy saving two-thirds capacity approximately 80% of the time, running at full capacity only on the hottest days. Our AMERICAN DREAM Geothermal System equipped with the Copeland Scroll compressor can maintain precise temperature levels and lower relative humidity while saving homeowners up to 60% on energy costs, when compared with 13 SEER systems.

GE Variable Speed ECM DC Blower

Another standard feature of our system is the variable speed ECM Blower.
This technology redefines comfort and efficiency when specified in forced-air heating and cooling systems. This unique blower features: more even temperatures, better indoor air quality, precise humidity control, quieter operation and lower utility bills.

  • Ultra-high Efficiency
  • New moisture-resistant design
  • Programmability
  • Self regulating constant air flow
  • Low audible noise
  • Variable Speed (Vspd) or Thermostat Mode Operation
  • Uses minimal energy to operate(virtually nothing)

Domestic Hot Water Generation

Our standard domestic hot water generator is a “waste heat recovery” device that recovers the “superheat” from a compressor’s discharge gas in our geothermal heat pumps, for use in comfort heating or providing domestic hot water. The domestic hot water generator allows a large amount of domestic hot water to be made available, for practically no cost.

Electrolysis Protection Device

A concern about placing our freon-copper coil in the ground is that the copper tubing may corrode and leak refrigerant into the soil creating an environmental hazard. Misinformation and rumurs are in no short supply. We’ll set the record straight.

Copper comes from the ground. If it naturally corroded in the ground, we would not have it — it simply would have corroded itself out of existence. Copper water pipes have been buried in the ground for over a hundred years and in many parts of the US. Copper is a “noble metal”, meaning it is resistant to corrosion or oxidation, unlike most base metals. However, certain types of acids in the soil can effect the life of the copper. Also, naturally occurring or man-made ground current (electric current present in the soil) can affect copper. Both of these conditions may be easily overcome as long as they are determined prior to installation.

In North America, a very low percentage of land area has soil conditions where copper would corrode. These areas are acidic with a pH below 6.0. Copper will not corrode unless the pH is lower than 6.0. If it is lower than that, precautions need to be taken.

Corrosion of the copper earth loop in acidic soil can be eliminated through installation of our electrolysis protection device. This metallic electrode used in cathodic protection against electrolysis is intended to be dissolved to protect other metallic components(the copper).

When you have a combination of metals (say, iron and copper) in a water environment, the difference in the number of electron atoms in the two metals actually causes a very small electric current to flow.  When this current flows, it causes a corrosion called galvanic corrosion between the dissimilar metals. The more active metal corrodes first and generally must oxidize nearly completely before the less active metal will corrode, thus acting as a barrier against corrosion for the protected metal.

Put simply, it protects the copper coil from corrosion.

AMERICAN DREAM Digital Thermostat/Humidistat

The AMERICAN DREAM Ultra Performance Geothermal digital and programmable Thermostat can save up to an additional 33% on energy costs over our competitors thermostat. The American Dream thermostat allows our DC Blower to continue to remove humidity in cooling mode while the compressor remains at rest, Saving you an additional 33% on energy cost. The bottom line is this thermostat is also a humidistat with a convenient touch screen, 7-day programming flexibility and an energy monitor.

  • Digital/Programmable
  • Ability to program all 7 days separately
  • Ambitouch ™ backlight display glows red in heat mode and blue in cool mode
  • Automatically changes between heat and cool
  • Easy Installation in 30 Minutes Or Less
  • Energy Monitor tracks system run hours
  • Furnace filter change indicator
  • Home Today™ Override
  • Keyboard Lock
  • Programmable Hold
  • Touchscreen

Geothermal as an investment

How much does it cost to install geothermal heating and cooling? As a general rule, installing geothermal will cost about $2,000 more per ton than an air source heat pump.  Don’t say, “Yikes, $2,000 per ton!”  Think about this:  Let’s say your house requires a 2 ton air source heat pump.  It will cost roughly $6,000 more to install our geothermal system than to install a less efficient system air source system(note your gov is providing a 30% tax credit because it is so efficient). Our geothermal system compared to a water source system is up to $3,000 less per ton, and our system has many, many more standard features.

Geothermal heating and cooling, could save you up to 80% on heating/cooling a month and much more in some cases, for the rest of your life, not to mention almost zero maintenance, and a percentage of FREE hot water.  You actually make money every month. Take a moment and calculate how much you can save at $75 a month for 20 years: almost $21,600, on your $6,000 investment, and you’ll probably save even more.

The AMERICAN DREAM geothermal heat pump utilizes a freon copper loop having many benefits and NO risk or environmental downside.  In a closed loop system, the heat pump compressor is inside your home or crawlspace, and freon is circulated through the coil connected to the compressor.  You have NO outdoor equipment.  Not only can an energy efficient home save you a lot of money, but it can also save the environment.

You can have the best and pay less!