2 Ton Geothermal System

American Dream Ultra Performance Freon Copper Geothermal System
-Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, and Shipped Directly to You
2 Ton Geothermal System

Unique Features
24,000BTU Output
30% Tax Credit


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Unique Standard Features Included with Your System
here’s what you get:
1. Freon Copper Loop Field
2. Auto Loop Switching Technology
3. Automated Feed Loop Field Saturation System
4. Copeland Two Speed  Scroll Compressor
5. GE Variable Speed ECM DC Blower
6. AMERICAN DREAM Digital Thermostat/Humidistat
7. Domestic Hot Water Generation
8. Electrolysis Protection Device

-The world’s most technologically advanced system made easy-

Our direct earth coupled heat pump is one that has its refrigerant evaporator/condenser in direct thermal contact with the earth from which heat is either extracted during the heating mode, or introduced to during the cooling mode of operation.

Conventional technology concerned with heat pumps relies upon the transfer of heat from the ground by means of a secondary heat exchanger system and working fluid, e.g., water, which is pumped to the geothermal unit located in the heated structure.

American Dream systems similarly use a ground coil system, however, the working fluid is a refrigerant (rather than water) and the copper ground loop is the primary heat exchanger.

Such geothermal heat exchange is the most efficient and effective way of achieving heat exchange in heating and air conditioning systems, and especially heat pump type systems. The refrigerant used is freon which is unbelievably more effective. Since the ground temperature is relatively constant at a depth of 6 feet below the surface, the available heat is constant.

The elimination of the secondary earth heat exchanger (typically plastic in nature) and its associated working fluid reduces the temperature difference required between the ground and the evaporating refrigerant yielding a higher suction pressure than a conventional system under similar circumstances and thus a higher efficiency.

  • Fewer parts to the system
  • Does not require a supply and return well.
  • Does not require a well pump or circulation pumps.
  • No water heat exchanger and associated valving to corrode, freeze and break.
  • Freon filled copper tubing oppose to typical water heat exchange
  • More Efficient
  • The direct expansion principle allows the refrigerant to come directly into contact with the earth, separated only by copper tubing.
  • During winter,maximum heat transfer takes place at higher temperature than conventional ground loop technology without the maintenance and electrical cost of circulation pumps.

Less Maintenance

More Versatile

American Dream systems can be installed in a more confined area than a conventional groundloop system, primarily because the heat exchanger coil is much more efficient at transferring heat to the refrigerant than a plastic earth exchanger. Normal loop lengths for our machine are nominally 200’ per ton as opposed to 450’ to 500’ per ton for a plastic earth exchanger. Similarly, vertical systems require only a 3” bore hole to a normal depth of 75’ per ton.

Unlike ordinary air conditioners or heat pumps, there is no noisy outdoor unit to disturb your outdoor environment or your neighbors. WaterFurnace geothermal systems are designed and constructed for “whisper quiet” operation, similar to your refrigerator.

Unlike air conditioners and heat pumps, geothermal systems are installed indoors (like your refrigerator), so they are not subject to wear and tear caused by rain, snow, ice, debris, extreme temperatures or vandalism. Geothermal systems have proven to be very reliable and require less maintenance.