Global Geothermal Power and Heat Pump Market Outlook: (2010-2015)

Global Geothermal Power and Heat Pump Market Outlook: (2010-2015)Geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy derived from the earth’s crust. The heat available underneath is called as geothermal heat, which is utilized to generate power by drilling wells and employing various technologies such as dry steam, flash steam, and binary cycle. Another major utilization of geothermal heat is its direct use in space heating, aquaculture, horticulture, swimming pools, and spa treatments. These two applications form the geothermal energy industry and are the focus areas of interest in the report.

The report provides comprehensive analysis and forecast of geothermal energy industry. The analysis and forecasts are based on key data points regarding installed capacity, technological developments and use, market segments, research and development. It incorporates cost related aspects of the geothermal energy industry categorized into fixed and variable costs.

The report also consists of updates and developments in the market during the last 12 months. The surging prices of non-renewable sources, petroleum in particular and growing concern over pollution control is helping the growth of the market for renewable sources of energy.

Markets Covered

The major applications of geothermal energy like electricity generation and direct use (geothermal heat pump installations) have been covered in great detail. The sub-types of these applications of geothermal energy based on their conversion technologies and equipments have been analyzed in detail. We have done an in-depth competitive landscape and geographic analysis for each of the markets and their sub-segments, covering the major markets, viz. Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW).


  • Geothermal power plant companies
  • Geothermal industry equipment manufacturers
  • Government agencies
  • Institutional investors/shareholders
  • Power distributors
  • Environmental research institutes

Research Methodology

The global geothermal energy market is analyzed and forecasted for the period 2010 to 2015. Market forecasts are based on primary and secondary research data. The market structure is designed on the basis of the secondary research conducted to study the product portfolios of major global renewable energy companies. This structure is cross-validated through primaries conducted with the industry players and KOL’s (Key opinion leaders). The secondary research was based on paid sources such as Factiva and basic internet search for relevant news articles and websites of companies and associations.

The major players have been profiled on the basis of their recent additions to installed capacities, future projects, and publicly available information. The market value for geothermal electricity is calculated on the basis of average tariff rates in major countries.

For geothermal heat pumps, market is forecasted on the basis of cumulative number of installations assuming average capacity of heat pump to be 12kW. The installed capacity of geothermal heat pump is approximated to be 67% of total installed capacity based on secondary and primary research.

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