Geothermal Heating Fuel Cost Comparison

Geothermal Heating Fuel Cost ComparisonBTUs and kilowatts measure different types of quantities. A BTU (British Thermal Unit) measures heat (energy), while a kilowatt (1000 watts) measures power (energy per unit time).

1 BTU equals 0.0002928 kilowatt-hour

Geothermal Heat Pump – Electric or Gas $.122170 Per KWh $7.96 per Million BTU
Ultra High Efficiency Heat Pump – Electric $.122170 Per KWh $10.23 per Million BTU
Natural Gas 92% Boiler or Furnace $1.70 per Therm $29.86 per Million BTU
Heating Oil 80% Efficient Boiler or Furnace $2.00 per Gallon $31.65 per Million BTU
Propane 92% Efficient Boiler or Furnace $2.31 Per Gallon $33.86 per Million BTU
Electric Resistence Heat 100% Efficient $.122170 Per KWh $35.82 per Million BTU